Author's biography

Carolina González Frías

I have started to learn goldsmithing –working of precious metals- when I was 17… While walking around Providencia neighbourhood in Santiago de Chile, I entered an Arts Center looking for painting lessons; a goldsmithing workshop could be seen from the secretary and the fire being used to carve metals, captivated me. I felt the alchemy scent, a transformation; I sensed the power of expressing “meaning” on precious objects. It reminded me of some charms and jewels I had and a rain of images and creativity arouse from inside myself (like a spring). I completely understood that it was my place and the craft I wanted to learn.

This way I started to step my own path through goldsmithing; in time I learnt how to deal with different techniques and specialities. There was a crucial moment in which Mapuche Silver emerged. While designing, I had to assemble two units and a student with whom I was sharing the workshop told me, “Why don’t you put tubes as the Mapuches do?” It not only turned out to be a perfect aesthetic solution but a spiritual connection to my ancestor’s roots. Though my origin is not completely Mapuche, the little blood of theirs that flows in my veins is enough to sow and make increase my connection with this ancestral world.

Expanding through symbology to other ethnic references, especially, South Americans, my comprehension of this world commenced to grow as well… I found view, lineage and many answers that seemed to be asleep in my unconscious.

Nowadays, transmitting others this connection with the spiritual world, with the source, with each one inner path, and fostering the transformation and the spiritual growth by my creations, is my great challenge.

My Art is at service of development, it is bearer of ancestral memory and present energy, and seeks superior consciousness.